Past Blogs: Read this and Hack

This week I read through the class blog of Read this and Hack. Here are some general observations about the blog and things I liked:

It’s laid out nicely, with a landing page featuring headlines leading to an article or synopsis of a white paper. When I clicked further in there was either an entire article or a couple paragraphs highlighting the topic of the paper that were well written. Some enticed me to want to read the whole white papers. The topics included things such as childhood obesity, human trafficking and green design. All of these topics are relevant and I would be interested in writing about them in class.  Many articles incorporated pictures and video which is much more interesting then just plain text. Also, it was cool to see some outside engagement with comments from what I assume to be random people not in the class.

A couple organizational things I would have found helpful: There didn’t seem to be in a particular order to the article flow, it would have been nice if there was organization by topic. Also, the purpose statement of the blog would also be a good thing to have on the home page instead of a side link. On the whole, however, I liked the layout and content of Read this and Hack.


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