Past Blog Response: Biz Gov Soc

I checked out the “Biz Gov Soc” blog. The first thing I noticed and liked was that the blog council had awards. I thought that was a good incentive for people not only to write substantive articles, but also to come up with creative titles and out-of-the-box ideas. I think the tabs at the top of the page are helpful (“Blogging Tips,” “Inspiration for Writing,” etc.) and I also like the sidebar that highlights the best and very popular posts. Overall, I think the general layout and organization of the blog are not anything special, but would definitely meet our needs.

One feature that I saw from browsing through other blogs but didn’t see all that much in this blog was using images with the title and lead for each post. I think that including photos would enhance the visual appeal of the blog, in addition to providing a different dimension to the post and its analysis.

One post I saw that I thought was really helpful was an “index” to all the posts to that week’s assignment. I think that would be a great feature moving forward because it would be easier to organize and access all the posts by assignment/topic. It would also be helpful to be able to just search “index” and be able to pull up a link to essentially every post with just one search.


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