Past Blog Response: Torching the Mundane

For this week’s class I chose to read through Torching the Mundane. Upon initially opening the blog I enjoyed the color scheme that consistent of a dark gray and black background with lime green colored text boxes which highlighted the important information and links of the page. I found multiple of the white paper teasers to be interesting, especially “Reclaim Democracy by Eliminating Corporate Personhood”. From looking at the site I also compiled a few criticisms. First, I thought that there was an overall lack of pictures and that the one primary picture in the blog heading was blurry and poor quality. Secondly, I found it difficult to find links on the teasers to the actual white papers (besides for “Throwing Away The Key: The Mentally Ill in the Criminal Justice System”). Finally, the text in the “Who’s Talking” box on the left was not centered and so sometimes the images would cut off the begin of the text.


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