Biz Gov Soc Blog Review

I spent time looking through the Biz Gov Soc blog. I really liked how the topics that people chose to blog about were all very interesting and relevant. I found myself interested in many of them after skimming the first few sentences of the blogs. I liked how some bloggers chose to include a video in the blog. I think this is a great way of keeping a blog post interesting and interactive. I found the “inspirations for writing” tab very helpful as it can spark new ideas, and it also links to an informational page about the white paper. The “questions on assignments” tab was another aspect of this blog that I really enjoyed. I think this could be very helpful in this class since it only meets once a week. It is a great way to open up a question to the entire class in hopes of getting a quick response that everyone will benefit from. I really liked how viewers had the ability to give a blog post a rating from 1-5. This is a great way to incentivize interesting posts! Lastly, I enjoyed the ability to tag any topic which the blogger thought was relevant. I think this makes it easy for viewers to find what they are interested in.


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