Blog Review!

I spent my time looking at the “Let’s Get Ethical” blog. I really liked the shortcuts on the side of the blog linked to the top posts. This gave me an easy way to get started and made me feel comfortable exploring the blog. I liked the casual format of the blog posts. They were all different, each author having a different creative layout or style. I also found the images throughout the posts to be very stimulating. That is one thing I thought could be improved on. I found the pictures very interesting so I think more of them would benefit the posts, even if a short video of some sort relating to the topic was included would be great! I think that an index giving links to all the blog posts could be helpful. It would be great to be able to see a listing of all of the posts separated by the assignment they were written on. I also liked reading the blog councils posts. I found this interesting and a nice way to give the other members of the class feedback! Overall I thought the blog was easy to navigate, had interesting posts, and was designed well!


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