B-Ethics Review

I checked out the B-Ethics blog and found many of the posts to be interesting and thought-provoking. I enjoyed how students chose a variety of topics ranging from the harm of tabacco advertisements to soccer without borders. The posts were concise enough to convey a strong message, and left me wanting to read more about the particular topic. After reading several posts, it was evident to me that students typically chose topics that they were very passionate about. One article that captured my attention focused on the importance of studying abroad (Study Abroad For All). The author of this post suggests that in an era of globalization, the prospect of “reverse globalization” could help enhance an individual’s “perspective on life.” As I read this post, I realized that the author likely studied abroad and had an amazing experience. I think that the greatest benefit of blogging is that it allows people to share thoughts about their true interests, and I am eager to see what my classmates are passionate about, and how they convey their passion. Furthermore, the use of comments – both positive and critical – on blogs to facilitate discussions will ideally result in all discussion participants gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the author’s thesis.

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