Biz Gov Soc Blog Review!

This week, I explored the Biz Gov Soc blog. I first noticed the tabs below the blog’s title. I thought having an tab would be an incredibly useful resource for our own class blog! I also thought that having ‘the cloud’ section where various buzzwords within past blogs could be explored was a fun way to look through past entries. However, I would’ve liked all of the past blogs to be more accessible, as they are currently hyperlinked at the bottom of the page. Besides the layout, I thought that the content for this blog was very thought provoking and covered a surprisingly wide range of topics. One particular prompt I enjoyed involved coming up with ways to improve or change the world. Additionally, all of the individual posts had creative titles and exciting openings, which encourages classmates to read each post! Overall, the Biz Gov Soc blog seemed like a very creative and open place for class discussions.


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