Blog Review – Let’s Get Ethical

For this blog review I chose to look through the Let’s Get Ethical blog.  I found this blog to be very interesting, and pretty easy to navigate.  I have never used wordpress, and have never really blogged before, so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I found it to understand the structure and format of the blog. One thing I found slightly confusing however, was the tag column on the side.  I noticed that many of the tags that people used in their posts where not shown here, and I am assuming that this is because not enough people tagged this topic.  How many tags does a topic need for it to appear in this side column? Although it may not be possible, I think it could be interesting to list all of the tags, because I found this tool to be a very good way to navigate the blog, find topics that were interesting, and a way to ensure that no posts get overlooked, especially those that are not as recent.  I found this post “Bring Back the Failure”, to be particularly interesting, especially because I thought it displayed how the blog could be used really effectively.  The comments were very simulating and people were able to respond to each other to keep the conversation going.  Also, I like the feature to give a comment a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, so people can quickly share what they think of the post.


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