Social Media Revolution

I went to “Biz Gov Soc” and watched a video on the social media revolution.  To say the two minute and thirty-four second long youtube clip blew my mind would be an understatement.  It demonstrated how in today’s present climate, essentially all businesses are dependent upon some form of social media to survive.  One of the facts was that 93% of marketers use Facebook or other comparable websites to advertise their business or a product. If one stops to think about marketing and advertisements a mere fifty years ago, they’ll realize that computers had not been invented yet.  Mankind’s entire way of life has been changed by the internet. It bonds humans internationally in a once more isolated world.  It would, however, have been helpful to have a blurb along with the video, instead of just the link alone. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed they video. It enabled me to think about the world I live in today and appreciate how much it has changed since my parents were my own age.


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