BGS5 Blog Review

After spending a short amount of time browsing the Biz Gov Soc Five blog sphere from 2012, I really came to enjoy the easy-to-use interface provided through WordPress. There are such a wide variety of topics on the class site, but finding a blog related to your research is made simple by the suggested tags and embedded links. 

I hope students continue to utilize supporting visuals like graphs, photos, and videos in their posts this semester. Although a bit foreign to business students such as myself, I like the informal, opinion-based writing style used in the assignments and papers. I also like that peers can comment and question one another’s posts. In my experience, constructive feedback has typically been the most helpful way to see new perspectives and improve my written communication. 

I am uneasy about the loose structure of many of these prompts, but I am willing to take on the challenge and explore alternative ways of researching, thinking, and writing. 

Some of the prompts I most liked were:


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