Is Ira Glass of TAL justified in his anger?

I was shocked to hear about the truth behind Mike Daisey’s story.When I first listened to him speak about Apple and Foxconn I was so angry and disappointed in myself for supporting Apple. I felt ignorant that I never knew that they treated people this horribly. I thought it was my job to spread the word about Apple’s use of child labor, factory dorms, and unsafe factory conditions. After hearing that Daisey’s story was mostly fabricated and some of it actually made up I was even more angry. I was angry with Daisey for telling this story as if it was all from first hand experiences and as if it was all the truth. Ira Glass shared the same anger that I felt and I believe his anger is justified. When Glass gets a chance to talk to Daisey one-on-one he finds out that, “Daisey built his piece for the theater not for journalism.” Daisey apologizes over and over again, but I do not think that he is truly sorry. He wanted to make people care and to make people emotional and that is exactly what he did. I see nothing wrong with wanting to spread emotions through telling a story, but the people should have known that it wasn’t the truth.

The things that I found most moving in his story ended up being the exact ones that were made up. TAL is unsure if he ever met any 13 year old girl who worked on iPhones and they have no idea if Daisey ever met the man with the ‘twisted claw’ who was so amazed when he saw a working iPad. These stories aroused so much emotion in me and I know in other people as well. When Ira Glass first heard this I am sure that he felt so sorry for these workers. Not only was Ira affected by these stories, but he put it on the radio and wanted spread it around to millions of people. To imform them and to let them know the TRUTH about Apple and other similar companies. He was the one who backed Daisey’s story and he is the one who looked unintelligent when it was all a lie. He was embarrassed for sharing Daisey’s story and more so angry with Daisey for agreeing to share his story on TAL as a journalistic piece.

Glass said, “you’re saying that the only way you can get through emotionally to people is to mess around with the facts, but that isn’t so.” Glass is angry with Daisey for representing his story as journalism. Daisey makes it clear over and over again that he just wanted to tell his story for the theater, but then why did he share it as journalism on TAL? He could have simply told everyone that it was for the theater and still gotten his point across. I think Glass has every right to be angry. Daisey knew he was spreading an untrue story and all he could say was a simple, I’m sorry. Daisey told Glass he knew “it was not up to the standards of journalism and that’s why it was completely wrong for me to have it on your show.” But if he knew it wasn’t up to the standards then why did he share it? All he wanted to do was arouse emotion in people and he did this in an unethical way. He shared a made up story Apple and convinced people to go against this company based on false accusations. He lied to Glass and more importantly he lied to everyone who heard his story.


2 responses to “Is Ira Glass of TAL justified in his anger?

  1. Regarding your first and last paragraph, and the issue of how Mike could have simply faced the cold, hard facts that he did not tell 100% truthful things in his monologue, I found it interesting how he did admit to regretting to playing it on the radio, and in public. I understand why he does not come forward and apologize directly because this may harm his future reputation of sticking to his word (if the damage hasn’t already been done), however, I do give him some credit for openly regretting that decision in public. I think this must have been a very hard thing to do.


  2. I agree with your post that Ira Glass has every right to be angry at Daisey. He lied directly to Glass about the facts of his story, and could have harmed the reputation of TAL as a news station. Additionally, although Daisey did admit that it was not right to put this show on TAL, because he knew it was not journalism, I do not believe it is right that he would preform this anywhere. At Glass pointed out, he presents it as if it were truth, even in the theater and I do no think it is right for him to trick people.


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