Retraction Response

When I began listening to the Retraction podcast I could tell how upset the people who released Daisey’s original interview were. They trusted his story and felt disrespected by his embellishments and lies. I found the original interview to be moving and my opinion on Apple changed a lot. However, now I do not know how to feel about Apple and the podcast. After they tracked down the translator, it became evident that Daisey was not telling the truth about a lot of the things he originally said. The beginning of the second podcast tells us some of the lies; the security guards did not have guns, underage children were in abundance, if at all, etc. The underage children lie really stuck out to me because it is such a big issue. Children should not be working in conditions like Daisey described, so I am actually pretty happy his accusation was false.

Continuing, the Daisey retraction podcast should not let Apple off the hook. Some people probably listened to both of these podcasts and after hearing the second assumed Apple was in the clear. However, there are still questions to be asked when it comes to Apple and the factories they use outside of the United States. There have been other reports about Apple mistreating its workers and I still believe they are to some extent and I hope Daisey’s lies do not make people believe otherwise. Someone needs to go to the factories in China and come up with legitimate proof of what is truly going on if something is going to change regarding the conditions.

In conclusion, I do see a difference between journalism and art. In my opinion, journalism is supposed to be straightforward and one hundred percent factual. On the other hand, art should be something that is up to interpretation and can invoke different emotions depending on who is judging it. When reading an article about Apple’s workers conditions, you do not want to leave things up in the air for the audience. However, when drawing an abstract painting it may be better for there to be no right or wrong way to view it. Art is beauty while journalism is truth.


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