The icing on the cake


After attending a roundtable discussion with Ed Freeman and the lecture Thursday night, many of my questions had been answered. One topic that I did not ask Ed, nor did anyone else was how to spread this stakeholder theory. I was lucky enough to attend the lecture with my parents, as they are visiting for the weekend and my Dad made a great point. He told me as we were walking out that when he was in college he would hear very similar talks from philosophers or business men about how to change today’s standard business model, yet there has been no “stakeholder revolution” per say since his time. Its almost as if the whole cake has been made and is just waiting for the icing… what is the icing on the cake? The question always becomes, how do we actually change an ideology of the people at such a large scale? Sure, Ed Freeman can write books and essays and give speeches about his theory, but if companies are simply choosing to implement stakeholder ideas on their own time with no sense of urgency, will there ever be a drastic change? No. So my question to Ed Freeman would be; will this change ever really happen as many people have been saying it will for years? As a younger generation, what are action steps we can seriously take to make a difference?


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