Question for Freeman

My question for Freeman would be concerning Apple’s poor factory conditions and wages for workers in China. In his speech Freeman discussed three disconnects people believe about businesses. These disconnects are: profits are the point of a business, business and ethics aren’t connected, and people are self-interested. Freeman suggested that to fix these disconnects we can do things like change where we shop or change who we intern with. Personally I am one of Apple’s customers. I would want to know if Freeman feels that a necessary step I should take to ‘fix’ Apples working conditions is to stop shopping at Apple. Apple is operating following the disconnect that profit is the point of the business. This is the reason Apple employs millions of low-wage workers in China. Freeman, do I personally have an obligation to stop shopping at Apple to fix this disconnect?

I do think that I should be doing more to help the issue in China, but I do not know if I will make much of an impact. I do not think that Apple will be affected by having one less shopper. Yes, maybe my actions will affect my friends and they too will stop buying Apple products. But I do not see myself creating a huge impact. I think spreading the word is important but I feel that Apple is just to big of a company to be changed by one single person.

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