Question for Freeman

I would like to ask Ed Freeman how he feels about the future of the business world and where he sees it going in the near future. In my opinion, companies have recently become more socially responsible and have moved away from the strictly “shareholder method”. They are focusing on their stakeholders and business ethics more than ever (although still not enough) and I am curious to see if he has an opinion on how to actually change the business world more than it already has. One of the things he mentioned as a disconnect in his speech was the self-interest of people. Although I agree with him that not everyone is completely self-interested, there are still many companies and people out there who want to see themselves prosper before their stakeholders. Is it something the government will have to help with? Will people just need to change their mentality regarding the situation? I think it would be intriguing to hear Ed Freeman talk about his ideal plan and the methods of action to get there over the next 10 years.


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