Question to Freeman

One of the three problems that Freeman identified as problem with business today is that people see business ethics as an oxymoron.  In Freeman’s view these things cannot be separated.  Because humans are at the core of any business and the ones making decisions, it is not possible for ethics not to have a role.  Freeman believes that by separating business and ethics, ideas become unrealistic because they do not represent an how a company actually functions.  In his talk, Freeman discussed how stakeholder theory shows a more accurate representation of business in the real world, not just theorizing.  Freeman has bridged the gap between business and ethics to make stockholder theory more realistic, but how do you make it a reality?  My question to Freeman is, how do you get stakeholder theory to become more prominent in practice?  

In one of the prior readings, it discussed how ethics used to be what businesses ought to do, but were not in the conversation about how business actually operate.  Because most companies believe that should prioritize profits, how does stakeholder theory not just be what businesses ought to do and become something they actually do?


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