Stirring In Sustainability

Who doesn’t love a good cup of chicken noodle soup? Campbell’s Soup is a corporation known for its hearty and delicious soups that are a staple in many pantries across the United States. We have come to expect variety and quality from Campbell’s, but for me, there soups were nothing more than a great meal. However, I was able to take a trip to their Camden campus earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised at all of the initiatives Campbell’s has taken to make the world a better place.

Campbell’s has gone to great lengths to incorporate corporate social responsibility into their business. Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to integrating sustainability into their business plan. Campbell’s definition of sustainability for their company is, “Advancing global nutrition and wellness, helping build a more sustainable environment, and honoring our role in society, from the farm to the family.” This is achieved through various projects, including partnerships with local communities to promote access to healthy eating options, continuous improvement to facilities, and the procurement of quality ingredients and other materials. They have taken strides to reduce energy, water use, and waste in all of their operations. In the Fiscal Year 2013, they reduced water usage by 2.6% and saved more than 4.2 million pounds of packaging. Campbell’s now focuses on recycling, sustainable farming, obtaining sustainable packaging. The company has also made serious strides with increasing diversity in the workforce, spreading charitable donations, and reducing incidents in their plants.

Campbell’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2014 outlines their various policies and goals for the company and is definitely worth taking a look around. A particular part of this report that I found both interesting and relevant to class was the Stakeholder Engagement tab. Campbell’s claims that one of the key elements to the success of their corporate social responsibility initiatives is their commitment to their stakeholders. Campbell’s uses a three pronged method (Identify, Set Processes, Benchmarking) to engage stakeholders. This method utilizes direct engagement, surveys, social media, and third party consumer research firms to identify their stakeholders needs and employs specific processes and benchmarks which help both the stakeholders and Campbell’s work together to reach their CSR goals. I was pleasantly surprised by this information, especially after reading cases in which companies like Nike and Apple have repeatedly ignored their stakeholders.

I am curious to see if anyone has found anything negative about Campbell’s. From what I have seen, I personally think they are a great company who is dedicated to not only their customers, but their environment as well!

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2 responses to “Stirring In Sustainability

  1. When I think of Campbells, I also think of a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup on a very cold day. It is refreshing to see a company that not only provides me with happy memories, but also provides the environment with healthy processing. To find a company that not only values the environment and its stakeholders is one worth sharing, especially after Nike and Apple. As MSUS majors, we sit through class after class telling us that there is no hope (so very pessimistic). To know that people are out there actually making a difference is promising for sustainability’s presence in major corporations for the future.


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