The Not-so-natural image of Lululemon

One of my favorite brands has always been Lululemon. As an athlete, I find myself always wearing workout clothes. But I also have a strong interest in fashion, and Lululemon combines fashion with function. Not only does Lululemon provide promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but it also focuses on sustainable practices.

“Our sustainability vision is to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness by embracing social, environmental and economic health in every part of our organization and in all our global communities. We are working to be part of an elevated world that operates within nature’s boundaries and provides for human needs everywhere on Earth — including the opportunity for everyone to lead a happy and fulfilling life.”

Each of these pieces contributed to Lululemon’s excellent reputation. It wasn’t just clothing, Lululemon represented a lifestyle that their customers really connected to. But when they were faced with a scandal where their yoga pants appeared to be see-through, their reputation was shattered. The CEO made a statement blaming the customers for the see-through pants, because they weren’t thin enough. He claimed that their product isn’t made for all bodies, and the pants were see through because customers’ thighs were rubbing against each other and were too large. He placed the blame with customers’ bodies and this put a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. This only perpetuated the stereotypes and problems with self-image that women have today.

The wholesome and healthy image that they promote and advertise, has been destroyed. I began to wonder if they took the proper precautions in each step of production. Did they cut costs anywhere? Are the pants made of fabric that is inadequate?


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