Blog Council: Our Favorite Companies

Jordi, Kate, Colleen, and Maddie ran this week’s blog council. We enjoyed reading everyone’s unique posts and thoughtful comments. The following are the outstanding contributions from Blog 4…

Boldest Title
Anders: Feeding Babies or Killing Them?

Most Creative Title
Leah: America runs on Dunkin… but can the environment?

Most Original
Ian: Tegu, the Toy Company that’s Changing the Game

Best Fashion/Apparel Post
Spencer: Skaters Get Sustainable

Best Overall Post
Brian: NASCAR Green, Racing Towards Sustainability

Reader’s Choice (based on ratings AND views by outsiders)….

Top contenders were Anders, Colleen, and Maddie

COLLEEN: A Sweet Mission!

Look for the next blog prompt (due Thursday, October 16th) in the upcoming days. Be sure to make good use of hyperlinks, quotes, and visual media as well as to correctly categorize and tag your post. Have a good break!

Featured image courtesy of Techno Gadget World


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