Blog 5- Let’s Talk About Politics, Baby

“I like conflict.” – Ed Freeman

So often at Bucknell, we dance around sensitive political issues in our class discussions to prevent student biases and promote open communication. But how can we avoid the conversation about politics when it is so strongly connected to the topics we study? Let’s break the barrier. Let’s talk about politics (inspired by Salt-n-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.”  See below)
Take this short Political Typology Quiz and review your results. Are they accurate?

Use this anonymous poll to share your answer, please.

What do these assumptions say about your political and personal values ? Start to think about the potential connections or disparities between the political spectrum and the managerial spectrum. Respond and expand upon one of the following, or develop your own question about the relationship between politics and management.
Choose one of the categories in your results (Environment, Foreign Policy & Privacy, Personal Efficacy, etc.) and discuss the ways in which a person’s political views on this issue could affect their managerial views or decisions.

Imagine you are a manager and encounter a stakeholder who has a strong opinion on one of these issues that opposes your own or someone else’s in the company. How might you reconcile these divergent political ideologies to come to a decision that is best for your company?

The blog council will start a new readers’ choice post award, based on number of outside views and outside rating, calculated as a score using ratings and post views with some weighting. With that in mind, consider sharing your post with family, friends, peers, and on social media to bump up your views, and be sure to rate every post you read.

A classic in pop culture.

Clip art image borrowed from Pew Research center.

Featured image of Lincoln Douglas debate borrowed from here.


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