Clean and Green

I found myself frustrated with many of the questions on the quiz. I wish there was an option of neutrality because nearly every question had very intense options. It was hard for me to say I fully agreed with either of the statements at times.

Despite my dislike for the questions, I think that my result somewhat fits how I identify myself within politics. The quiz seemed to focus more on the social side of politics rather than the fiscal side. I consider myself to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The Next Generation Left description seems to fit well with my socially liberal attitude.  “Next Generation Left have very liberal attitudes on many issues, including homosexuality, abortion, the environment and foreign policy. While overall supportive of an activist government, most are wary of expanding the social safety net.” If someone were to ask me if I was a republican or a democrat, I would tell them I don’t know enough about politics to take a stance.

However, one somewhat political topic I do take a stance on is environmental issues. I do not care about the environment because of global warming or any other specific reason. I care about the environment because I believe respecting nature and the beauty that it holds is the right thing to do. I spent every summer until I was 17 in rural Canada and thus have developed a love for clean air and water, however, I have never been one to preach my views. For example, I will pick up trash on the ground outside but don’t expect others to do the same. I hope and expect though that most people will take the extra effort to dispose of trash properly to begin with. If I were a manager of a company and a stakeholder disagreed with my stance on an environmental issue, I think I would be able to maintain a very objective perspective. After participating in this class, I realize that it is important to consider all stakeholders in a decision making process. However, the local environment and local community are also stakeholders. If a decision were severely damage the local environment it would be hard for another stakeholder to justify that decision’s value to the company. If the stakeholder is someone who wields more power than me, I would make it clear to them that destroying the local environment is not a good way to create long term value to our customers. Depending on the severity of that decision’s impact on the environment, I do not think I would quit my job because unless the environment was consistently being overlooked and negatively impacted.


3 responses to “Clean and Green

  1. I also feel that If someone were to ask me if I was a republican or a democrat, I would tell them that I don’t know enough about politics to take a stance. Do you think there is something wrong with this? After seeing how frustrated I was after taking the quiz, I felt bad just because I wanted to take a more neutral stance on more of the topics. But then I started to think that maybe I should have stronger feelings towards some of these issues. I think this is what makes it so hard for managers to incorporate their stakeholders political views. Many people today are conflicted, or just don’t care enough about politics to have a stance so I think it is important, like you said, for managers to remain objective.


    • My whole life my biggest issue with politics has been the fact that I am opposed to many of the issues that each party supports. There is no one party that I do not disagree with at least one of the major values. For this reason I find it hard to identify within politics and I think this is one of the reasons I’ve never been particularly interested in them. To answer your question, Brittany, I don’t think not having a stance/identifying with a certain party within politics is inherently a bad thing. It allows us to separate the good and the bad within each party and come election time choose the candidate we think will do the best job overall instead of supporting a candidate simply because they are within our political party. That being said we really need to make sure we still get out and vote for the candidate we think will do best.


  2. I really liked how you acknowledged that the local environment and local community are stakeholders as well. I think that many companies overlook this factor, and believe that other human stakeholders are more important. Although the environment is gradually appearing at the forefront of many managerial decisions, it is still on the back burner for many companies. How do you think more managers can start considering the environment as a stakeholder, especially if they have political beliefs that go against environmental conservation?


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