Quite the Political “Environment”

After taking the quiz posted on the blog, I began to realize how much politics and management are related. With each question I had to answer, I referred back to my personal values and chose the answer that felt right to me. This is a similar feeling that occurs in management. Often times, individuals react to situations in ways that satisfy their personal values. Personal values also help shape your political views, linking the two. 

Environmental issues are an interesting topic regarding politics and management. I think that as the years go on and the public becomes more educated about the damage that happens to the environment, people may be changing their opinions. Previously, I don’t think individuals or companies put environmental protection at the top of their list of worries. It was always somewhat overlooked and not talked about. However, with the more recent discussions about global warming and effects it is having on our planet, individuals and companies are finally coming together to make a change… well at least some are. 


Within upper management, I think that political views of individuals have potential to shape the companies actions. If a very liberal leader in the company was instructed to lead the company regarding an environmental issue, the ultimate actions would be to better for the environment. If a conservative held the management role, their strategy for solving the problem would likely be different as they would be more concerned with financials and shareholder ideologies. 

I think that the more political conversations happen in a work or classroom environment, the more people with opposing views will begin to understand one another. They do not by any means have to agree on political issues, but as long as the conversations are happening, understanding different points of view can only benefit both parties. To some extent, these conversations can take time and maybe even waste some time in the management setting, but I think it is very important for workers to understand one another in order to effectively work together to better their company.


4 responses to “Quite the Political “Environment”

  1. Julia- great post!
    I laughed reading it since I just posted my article discussing values without seeing yours. They overlap quite a bit.
    I liked your paragraph discussing upper management. However, the generalization made me a little nervous. Do you think there are exceptions to that rule?


  2. What I think is very noxious is when political discourse gets to the point of excluding the opposing side from being part of the body politic.

    On the Right, questioning war or Bush’s win in Florida is equated with being “un-American.”

    On the Left, asserting the USA as a Christian nation or letting banks go unregulated is equated with being “un-American.”

    My point is that if the terms of political debate exclude your opponent from being a legitimate part of our political system then the very premise of enough common ground to agree to disagree falls away. Political language becomes a more extreme version of us versus them for the soul of the nation.


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