TED Talks, We Listen, blog 6

Look, last week was a bit of a yawner.

The blog is a platform to stretch, to try new ideas, to ask hard questions, and to be provocative.

To jump-start this process, we are doing a TED week.  TED conferences grew out of the overlap of Technology, Education, and Design (TED) in the hotbed of internet and technology company milieux in California.  They have grown to become both a genre of talk (short, punchy, thought-provoking) as well as a specific site and organization: Ted.com

Your goal: write about an interesting provocative topic you discover through the TED talks website.  Do not rely on the reader watching the video, so you will need to provide some background or overview.  Look for a good quotation or even chart or graph (if relevant) related to the talk.  Use your post to spread the idea, as well as to respond, promote, question, or critique it.

We want you to pick a talk from one of the following CATEGORIES of playlists.

Go to the playlists page.

Find “Technology” or

“Business and Work.”

Each of those categories has several playlists, like Technology-> Making Sense of Big Data or

Business-> Open Source, Open World

1) Pick ONE talk to write on.

1.1) COMMENT HERE, below, ↓, with the name of your talk.  NO DUPLICATES.  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

If you want to share it here, you will need the WordPress.com “shortcode” for the Ted talk.  Shortcode is in [ ] and is simple, like [ Ted id= 45 ] (I added spaces to this one).I noticed you need to actually search the TED site to get this code.  You find the stand-alone url for your talk and it is right there (not visible from playlist page version of same talk).

For example,

I can see “Power of Introverts” from the playlist page here.

To get the shortcode for easy sharing, I had to search TED and get the actual talk’s page: here.

2) Write a kick-ass post.  You can even go back to your talk and add a comment to it with a link to your post!  (You need to painlessly join Ted.com to do it).

3) Please add a line or two to your post about what from TED talks you wish you would emulate in your own presentations.




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