Blog Council: Ted Talks, We Listen

Kerry and I (along with Jordi and Kate) were the blog council this week and we thought it might be fun to let everyone win something! That being said, Brittany’s blog was our favorite for being so thorough and tying in multiple class concepts. Reader’s choice goes to Spencer!

High School Superlatives: Blog Edition

Future President: Brittany (BC favorite)
Does the way we spend our money make us happy?

Most Tech-Savvy: Spencer (Reader’s choice)
You don’t know me, but I know you

Most Thought-Provoking: Ian
Remittances: the vast and secret global movement of money

Most Likely to Save the Planet: Nicole
Elon Musk: Sustainable Vision

Most Likely to #tbt: Maddie
Was “Friday” actually good for society?

Most Positive: Emily
Teach a kid to fish

Most Likely to be Seen with a Pitchfork: Taylor
How $15 an hour can save our economy

Most Realistic: Colleen
Twenty-something Takeover

Most Mysterious (like…where’s your title?): Dan

Most Likely to Reveal all of Your Secrets: Brian
Using secrecy to reveal secrets: how WikiLeaks changes the world

Green Go-Getter: Leah
Times, they are a’changin

Happiest: Courtney
Smile! It’s good for you

Most Likely to Switch to a Flip Phone: Alyssa
Is Africa leading innovation?

Most Extroverted: Julia
The (not so) hidden gem

Most Likely to Play Hooky: Joe
Get up and leave

Most Likely to be in Jail for Drone-Based Criminal Activity: Anders
Drone technology: an anarchist’s best friend

Make sure to keep categorizing your blogs to maintain organization, and add lots of tags to get more traffic!


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