CNN covers up fraud?!

With all of the recent media coverage of the Ebola issue I have been thinking about what information is being released to the public and what isn’t. I have been questioning if true stories are actually being told or if the media is simply sharing the information that the CDC wants to share with the public. After reading an article about how CNN covered up a fraud issue for the CDC in August of 2014, I was able to further justify my worries.

In August 2014, the “CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson admitted to assisting the CDC in producing data that misrepresents the dangers associated with the toxicity levels of the MMR vaccine administered to infants, and the related risk of developing autism.” His statements about the false dangers of this vaccine were posted online to CNN. But unfortunately the story was removed from the website within twenty four hours of its posting. Viewers were giving a lot of attention to the well-cited story and requesting further coverage of the issue, but CNN claimed that the article was in direct violation of “policy”. CNN never specified what the violation was and the issue was never touched upon again, as of October 5, 2014. This story was removed because CNN wanted to remain pro-vaccine in their news coverage in favor of the $52 billion vaccine industry.

I find it shocking that CNN would choose to take down a story just because it goes against a profitable industry they support. It is CNN’s job, as well as other news outlets job, to report the truth and inform the public of all issues. I put on the news every day and should be able to trust that the most pressing stories are being reported. It is upsetting to read that stories are being hidden from the public. But why is this important? The public needs to know that stories are being hidden. They need to be aware that when they turn on the news it is not always going to be the most important story that is being reported. The major news outlets neglect to say that they filter their stories because they do not want to seem less credible, but that is exactly what they are. If they are filtering the news that is being released to the public, they are not doing they job. They should be running all of the stories they are presented with, no matter what issue it pertains to. Since these news outlets are private companies the issue comes along about how to “force” them to run a story. There is no way to do this so inevitably we will begin to use other media outlets for the news. If this filtering continues I will no longer turn to places like CNN and Fox for my daily news and soon enough they will have to change their ways.


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7 responses to “CNN covers up fraud?!

  1. To play Devil’s Advocate, there is much controversy surrounding vaccination of children. I’d like to think that if there was a real risk associated with the vaccine it would not be approved by the CDC (or whomever the governing body is). Therefore by covering this story, news outlets would create immense confusion and fear in parents that is perhaps unjustified. This could potentially cause more people to choose not to vaccinate their children which leads to larger issues, especially since this is already a sensitive subject.


    • I just believe that if the CDC released statements saying the vaccine is harmful, it is the publics right to know. Clearly if they were willing to say that it is harmful they feel they made a mistake to approve it. Yes, sharing this with the public may bring about controversy and may cause confusion for some, but I do not think that is a reason for CNN to not run the story. If CNN chooses to avoid every “sensitive subject” I do not think they will have much to report. They should choose to report all stories, sensitive or not.


  2. I think that the larger issue of CNN essentially monitoring the news that they report on. I think that the people deserve to know what is going on in the world, regardless of whether or not it is in favor of what we believe or should believe. As news sources become less reliable, what should we do?


    • That is a great question, and I’m not sure I have the right answer but I will let you know what I think! We will have to look to other sources for news such as respected online sources. These sources will become more reliable. They will be the ones to report everything that is going on in the world, totally unfiltered. As we turn to these other sources I think that the major news sources will see this and hopefully change their ways.


  3. Television news, in my opinion, has become incredibly unreliable because of the filters you speak of. It is not in the public’s best interest for important news to be hidden and something should be done about it.


  4. What do you think of Project uncensored’s note that they do NOT want to weigh in on the health impact of vaccines or not?

    SOme of the underlying news sources, like this one from Natural News make harsh claims about vaccines and “genocide.” Is this like GMOs? Are real and unfounded concerns conflated among the critics? Does that enable powerful interests to squash the real concerns?


  5. I think that television too, like Dan, has become increasingly unreliable. I think many of the main television news networks are more caught up in ratings and competing with other networks that they are willing to do things like censor what they are reporting on to get more viewers.


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