Amsterdam’s War on Weed

For my blog this week I read an article called, “Amsterdam’s War on Weed”. It was a short article followed by a movie clip that I found on I found this article to be interesting because medical marijuana and marijuana in general has been a topic of great discussion recently. There are many Americans who believe America should legalize marijuana, while others see it as a bad idea. For years now people have viewed Amsterdam as the “poster child” for the legalization of marijuana, but after reading this article this may not be the case. The Netherlands has received backlash from other European countries (mainly the surrounding ones) because of the marijuana situation. Tourists are entering The Netherlands and bringing marijuana back into their countries illegally, something these countries clearly do not want.

As a result of this backlash, The Netherlands has taken action against the usage of marijuana in its country. In order to get marijuana near the southern border of The Netherlands, one must obtain a weed pass. These weed passes effectively ban tourists from coming into the country and purchasing marijuana. Also, many coffee shops have been shut down by the city government in Amsterdam. Coffee shop owners who live within a certain distance of schools are no longer allowed to carry marijuana and they are not happy about it. The reason I chose this article to blog about is because no matter what, the topic of marijuana is going to be relevant in the coming years. It has been legalized in a few states in America and it seems like more are going to be following this trend. Many people say “Look at Amsterdam”, it’s working for them and people seem to not care about it as an argument for legalization, but this does not seem to be the case. Maybe the economic benefits marijuana can bring The United States won’t outweigh the social stigma…



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