For my second paper, I want to explore the ethics behind the poultry industry, Tyson in particular.  After watching Food Inc, I continued to wonder about the different issues surrounding the meat industry in America, larger than just animal mistreatment.  I have grown up with Tyson.  I remember coming home from school and immediately making myself some chicken nuggets.  I never thought about where they came from or how the chickens were treated, just that I was eating delicious food.  Finding ethical issues with Tyson was not a difficult task.  I knew Tyson had a history in their past of cruelty to the animals they bred for slaughter.  What I was able to further discover was their environmental impacts.

Some questions I am going to try and answer are:

  • Why should the mistreatment of animals that are raised to be slaughtered matter to companies like Tyson? To the general public?
  • How does mass production of animals for meat affect the environment?
  • What are the short/long term affects on the environment if companies like Tyson do not stop the way they manufacture their meat?

One great source that I found through WorldCat:

McBride, C. “Oklahoma V. Tyson: Playing Chicken with Environmental Cleanup.”Ecology Law Quarterly. 38.2 (2011): 603-610. Print.

A second reference I found through Google Scholar:

Fraser, D., Mench, J., & Millman, S. (2001). Farm animals and their welfare in 2000. In D.J. Salem & A.N. Rowan (Eds.), The state of the animals 2001 (pp. 87-99). Washington, DC: Humane Society Press.



4 responses to “ENTER TITLE HERE

  1. I also thought of doing Tyson for my paper topic as there are a lot of ethical dilemmas to work with. Will you choose to focus your paper on one of these problems within Tyson and the meat production industry or touch on both their moral and environmental shortcomings?


  2. I had more questions about Tyson myself after watch Food Inc too. I think it is also important to focus on people not just the environment. It seems to me, from Food Inc, they they take advantage of many chicken farmers and mistreat them. Will you look at this issue at all?


  3. I don’t know if I will necessarily hit upon the mistreatment of farmers. Once I set up an outline though I think that’s a great question to try and answer if I can! And I am trying to talk about the mistreatment of animals and the environment in the meat industry as a whole and then focus in on Tyson as my specific example of questionable ethical practices.


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