FIFA: The Puppeteer of Nations


For those who have been living under a rock, the World Cup was held in Brazil this past summer. The tournament was full of fantastic goals and thrilling last-minute drama. The USA squad made a valiant showing, but were ultimately knocked out of the tournament in the round of 16. In the end, the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy was awarded to Germany. While the action on the pitch was truly enjoyable, a different plot brewed maliciously off the pitch. Although Brazilians are perhaps the most soccer-crazed fans in the world, they were not welcoming of the World Cup. Why? Because of FIFA. Before you read further, watch the below clip from John Oliver:

Scary, right? FIFA is an organization that has been marred with a multitude of negative press in recent years. From corruption to negligence, FIFA has earned a notorious reputation. I want to specifically explore their detrimental presence in Brazil this past summer from the lens of utilitarian ethics. Did FIFA maximize welfare for all the people involved with the World Cup? I will aim to outline the economic and social effects of the Brazil World Cup and FIFA’s role in the situation. My initial research points towards FIFA as the antagonist. They enter nations for the World Cup, shake up the cultural and economic landscape and then disappear having left an indelible mark. FIFA is the puppeteer of nations: they impose their will on defenseless countries for the sake of entertainment.

Below I have included two eBooks that I found through Bucknell’s library resources:

Rinke, S., & Schiller, K. (2014). The FIFA world cup 1930-2010 Wallstein Verlag.

Tomlinson, A. (2014). FIFA (fédération internationale de football association) : The men, the myths and the money Taylor and Francis.


2 responses to “FIFA: The Puppeteer of Nations

  1. I think this is an very interesting topic to explore and a topic that impact many people. Being a soccer fan myself, I have always heard how corrupt FIFA is is an organization. I think it would be very interesting to see how much of a negative impact they real have.


  2. Spencer, I’m going to be writing paper 2 about FIFA as well, although I will be exploring a different topic than you. FIFA has a lot of work to do before it can be perceived as a positive organization. This summer, prior to the start of the World Cup, I saw the video that you linked in your blog and I was appalled. I hope that FIFA finds a way to set aside corruption, and aspire to making soccer the best sport in the world.


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