Blog Council- Organizations for Paper 2

The BC for this week consisted of Brittany Temple, Courtney Marin, and Jordi Comas. We want to thank everyone for their creative posts and wish you luck on writing paper 2! Sticking with the theme of papers and grading, this week we decided to give a grade to our favorite blog posts. Since grades are so inflated these days below are the following grades we chose:


Obey the giant” by Madeline Bertschmann, unique idea, thoroughly original, deep questions.


Controversial food: the ethics of McDonald’s obese product offering” by Daniel Enriquez, very in-depth research of fast food industry, and we thought it will be interesting to look at from both sides.


FIFA: The puppeterer of nations” by Spencer Ivy, good use of John Oliver video

Most efficient use of prior knowledge

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure” by Brian Gamgort

Most efficient use of blog

Topic: Undecided” by Emily Corelli


Look for the next blog prompt (due Thursday, November 13th).


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