Ethics Resources (Blog 9)

So, for next week, the BC of Brittany, Courtney and me decided to use the blog to further advance paper 2.

Your goal is to find an ethics resource you think you can use for your paper.

We have looked in class at several information literacy strategies to help find good sources.

You should use one or several to find your resource.  Please briefly describe how you proceeded in your search.  The bulk of your post should be a summary and analysis of your resource.

Also, as I am curious, please answer this poll.

Our Research By Subject page.

Philosophy resources, very good for ethics.  Especially the Stanford Encyclopedia for background.

To do a cited references search, you identify a key document, like Freeman’s book, Friedman’s work, or something else.  Then, in Google Scholar, you lick on “Cited By.” This brings up anew search page with all of the works that cited the original text.  You can simply start from there, or search WITHIN those results(check box) using various keywords like your organization, its sector, or other relevant keywords.

For example, let’s say I want to look at Wal-Mart and its labor and wage practices.  Rawls and justice seems like the best ethical theory to use.  I can go to the Stanford Encyclopedia and look up Rawls for some more background.  Then, I go to google scholar and find that his book A Theory of Justice has been cited 51,000 times.  That is an astronomically huge number.  If you found something cited a few hundred times, it reflects it is very popular.

On a hunch, I search WITHIN those results for Wal-Mart.  THat yields 72 results.  That is enough to scan to look for a good hit.  One that stands out to me: “ Of Fair Markets and Distributive Justice.”  It is not directly about WalMart, however it DOES describe the ethical and political framework needed to move towards fair markets (and not only free).  This aritcle, plus what I read about Rawls is likely enough to do an ethical analysis of WalMart and its wage and anti-union practices.

Finally, my past classes have all posted their Paper 2s on their blogs.  SO, you can also look for one that is about your ethical theory OR about your company and use its references for your own paper or, like above with cited reference searches, to find additional resources.  Usually, there is a category of Paper 2 to facilitate searching.

John Rawls Drawing (from Bellevue College Student Newspaper)



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  1. Users will notice that Google Scholar tells you how often an item is “cited” using something called Scopus. Good information, but we don’t subscribe to Scopus, so you can’t get too much more out of that. However, Google Scholar will also provide a link to Web of Science (WOS), and we *do* subscribe to that. Within WOS you may find it helpful, you can click on author name and discover additional articles, or see a list of cited articles with links.

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