Ethics and Chick-Fil-A

After reading the comments on the last post I went with Maddie’s suggestion of using the ethical lens of value creation for all customers. This raises the question of the company’s conservative roots and their discrimination against gay people.

I began my search for sources at Google Scholar. I thought this would be the best way to find a relevant article that I will use in my paper. I searched for “who should businesses create value for”. One of the top five results was an article called Customer Value: The Next Source for Competative Advantage by Robert Woodruff. I thought this would be a good start to dig deeper into and find his argument on customer value creation. The article was cited by over 3500 people, so I knew this was a good source to look at and potentially use in paper 2.

Next, I went on World Cat and searched three words, “business customer value”. I found a book called Emotional Value: Creating Strong Bonds With Your Customers by Janelle Barlow and Diana Maul. I think this will also be a good resource for my paper 2 since it explores the customer interaction with a certain company. There is a copy available in the library on campus so I will check it out to use in my paper.

I tried looking through past class blogs to see if anyone had done a similar company or ethical issue but I was not successful. Then I went to the web page on the Bucknell Library website and looked at the databases listed for our Stakeholder class. This reminded me to go on GIC and search the same topics to see what I could find. I wasn’t as successful there and didn’t like using GIC so I went back to Google Scholar and continued exploring. I implemented the “cited by” check box to look for more relevant sources. This lead me to an article called Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Customer Value Oriented Management by Frank Huber.

I plan to do this in the future as well as a write my paper. I really like Google Scholar and World Cat so far as I begin to use our resources.



7 responses to “Ethics and Chick-Fil-A

  1. I did similar searches when looking for information about my company, Patagonia. I actually was most successful when I looked at past blogs. I think that they can still be useful to you even though nobody wrote on Chick-fil-A. You can look at papers that use the same ethical theory that you plan to use in your paper!

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  2. Do you have an idea of which ethical theory you are thinking to use? I think there could be interesting argument for all of the theories. However, the first thing that comes to my head is virtue ethics because Chick-fil-A clearly runs differently to other fast food companies, and it would be interesting to look at which one is acting as a better fast food company.


  3. Sounds like you found good items for examining the idea of customer loyalty and relationships.

    Are there ethical perspectives “fried in” (baked in) to those sources? Do they imply some sort of ethical outlook? If so, uncovering it may be part of your paper.

    If not, then adding it may be what you can contribute.

    The basic ethical quandry is interesting. There are not laws against sexual orientation discrimination, especially in the workplace. SO, this is an example where political controversies are about values.

    Deontology, to me, is always fascinating because at the point we say “x is a fundamental right” we often had a political fight about in the past. Deontology and classic political liberalism seem intertwined, even though they use different language.

    Meanwhile, also, Chik-fill-a may claim it, as a corporation, has the right to free speech. I don’t know where legal theory is on this right now, and Citizens United is part of this, but in general, free speech was for individuals, not organizations.


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