Tyson Foods Questionable Ethics

Through WorldCat, I was able to find a book called The Ethics and Economics of Agrifood Competition. Writing my paper about Tyson Foods, I really wanted some insight into the industry in general, to frame Tyson as a company compared to other companies. After reading through some of the chapters of this book, I came across a chapter labeled, “The Problem with Poultry Production and Processing.” After reading this chapter, I realized there are so many more ethical issues within the food production industry than just the horrible abuse of animals.  The chapter cited a time when Tyson was caught and sued for attempting to import illegal immigrants to work in its factories and underpay them as workers.  This source completely changed my outlook on what I could write about in this paper.

While Tyson, Perdue and other companies are clouded by animal abuse allegations, I never once considered the ethical dilemmas faced by the workers of these giant conglomerates.  Being under-payed and abused in terms of work hours and the jobs they are forced to do are serious matters. However, on the other hand, Tyson workers have been known to abuse the animals they slaughter for consumption. I am realizing now that while I originally thought Tyson would be mainly an animal and environmentally focused, there are more dimensions to questionable ethics.



5 responses to “Tyson Foods Questionable Ethics

  1. I think it is a great idea to reconsider the topic you choose to write about within Tyson. I agree that looking into working conditions could be interesting, but don’t compromise the unethical food related issues for this! I think you have a lot to work with.


  2. Which topic are you lending towards? I think both would make for a strong paper because their is definitely ethic concerns in both issues to discussed. Also, which ethical theory do you think would be best to focus on for these topics?


  3. The immigrant workers and the animal abuse aren’t even the whole problem. Tyson outsources chicken farms but does not pay the farmers for the chicken waste. Because of this it often becomes waste runoff into delicate habitats where the nutrients allow algae to destroy everything. The environmental and social effect of American food production is enormous. I hope your paper fleshes it out well.


  4. I think I am leading toward the ethics behind animal abuse and how that in turn affects the environment around the factories and farms. While the ethics behind worker treatment is incredibly interesting and important, it would spread my paper too thin to try and fairly get to all three of those topics.


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