Adidas and College Contracts

For my paper I am going to be looking at Adidas and its contract with colleges and universities. As we have heard in class, companies like Adidas and Nike are constantly being scrutinized for exploiting workers abroad. However, many consumers, companies and sports teams are still paying large amounts of money to be sponsored by them. First off, I find it completely unethical for Adidas to be exploiting their workers. They are a large company who can afford to manufacture their products in a much ethical way yet they choose not too. Second, I find it unethical for colleges to sign contracts with Adidas when they clearly know what is going on. Colleges should find a different form of sponsorship in my opinion.

When looking for information about this topic I found a case that dealt with Adidas and the University of Michigan titled: PT Kizone: Adidas Battles Allegations of Shirking Responsibility to Workers (A). This case brings to light how Adidas owed money to factory workers in Indonesia yet refused to pay them what they deserved. They initially lied about this fact and then upon finding out the truth, University of Michigan students pushed for the termination of the contract between Adidas and the school. Adidas has dealt with these types of issues from certain colleges, but definitely not enough, and especially not Bucknell. For this paper I hope to look into Bucknell’s agreement with Adidas and other colleges agreements with them.


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