Prompt: The Power of Images

This week we are focusing on the power of images.  You will find two images that relate to your paper topic.  The only text your post will have is the name of your organization and the source of the images.  Like Jordi went over in class, try to find the real source of the images not just “Google images”.

Then in the comments section you will write on the posts of classmates which picture out of their two you like better and create a caption for your choice.  You can add an explanation sentence after in needed.  This is meant to be a fun assignment, while also helping you to find images that can be incorporated into your second paper.


Image tips:

For resources and image archives, see here.

– For tips on how to cite images, see this LIT link.  For this post, you should, if possible, say the title, creator, and source for the image.  In a formal paper, follow normal citation guidelines.

– Within Google images, you can restrict by type or size. Medium or large images will look nicer.

– Google Images can automatically search an image you drag into the search bar.  This may help track down sources.

Flickr has some great search tools.  There are galleries, a commons area, and you can search by creative commons licenses so you know it is ok to share.

Here is an image I found searching “factory” on the Flickr commons page.

melon factory 1908

A basket factory. Girls making melon baskets. Evansville, Ind, October 1908. Hines, Lewis. Source:









Reuters, at least, has searchable photos.  I put Qatar and FIFA and got this one.

Qatari man celebrating award of World Cup, 2010. REUTERS/Fadi Al-Assaad(QATAR – Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

(Featured image found on submitted by user deedeeflower in 2013)


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