Blog 11- Try a story…

The BC, Taylor, Kate, and me, decided it is time to try our hands (fingers, brains) at some creative writing.

Your challenge is to take one of these prompts and write a creative story or piece.

1) The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…

2) The nation is controlled by…

3) Imagine a magazine you like.  it is 2029, 15 years from now. You are being profiled as an up-and-coming ____________.  Write this profile.  (Try not to get hung up on humility.  We know you are imagining a future self, not bragging).

If you want comments about your piece that are constructive criticism, that is, to help you improve the piece, say so.  Otherwise we will all provide more of reflective comments.  No need to say “I really liked this!”  If praising, be more creative.  Or use the story/writing to start a discussion.


Featured image photocredit.


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