Mutant Children

The nation is controlled by mutant children. The children took over about three years go in 2018. We suspect that their supernatural powers were a result from eating genetically modified foods. Their parents were advised that there was no harm in eating the GMO’s but the second generation of children experienced rapid growth. Three year olds surpassed average heights of eight year olds. They experienced abnormal brain growth and their hunger could not be controlled.

Eventually, the normal humans could not provide enough food for the mutant children. It was a mutiny! They overran the cities and captured the normal humans to put them to work on farms and fed them rations of food while hoarding the rest of the food for themselves. While conditions for normal humans were not ideal, they remained livable.

It wasn’t until the year 2020 that the mutant children from Pennsylvania began to get restless. We suspect that it was from a combination of GMO’s and water contaminated by fracking. These children were even larger and even hungrier. They demanded more food and stricter food rations for the normal humans. This was when the conditions began to get rough….


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