Creative Writing Piece

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said, “can you please step outside with me there is something we need to discuss.” As the two walked outside everyone in the diner watched them. The diner was completely silent and Jamie knew what was going to happen. She had had been waiting for this moment for days.

Detective Sherman was given a missing person case about a year and a half ago. There were no suspects and there was minimal evidence. This case had been open for 5 years and was now turned over to Sherman. A woman named Amy Smith had disappeared, she was a mother and a wife, and nobody knew where she went. She simply left to go out for a walk one day and never came home. This was a normal activity of hers, everyday around 9am, after putting her children on the bus to school, she would go for a walk around the neighborhood. People liked Amy, she had a lot of friends in the neighborhood, a loving husband, and two wonderful children. When she went missing the town and surrounding areas were shocked. Nothing like this had ever happened. There was no evidence, she simply just disappeared. Her children were at school and her husband had an alibi that checked out. Sherman didn’t know where to begin.

He spoke with the neighbors and her family and nobody knew where she went after putting her kids on the school bus. Amy left her cell phone, wallet, and all her belongings at home so it did not appear that she planned to disappear. For years Sherman put out missing person ads on the news and treated the case as a kidnapping until one day he received a phone call. A woman called him on the phone from a diner. She said her name was Jamie and that she was a waitress. She had watched the news years ago and remembered Amy’s face and swore that she had just come into the diner. This diner was about 2 hours away from Amy’s home and Sherman’s precinct. He quickly ran to his car and drove to the diner.

When he arrived he made his way to the counter and approached a waitress. She showed Sherman who Jamie was, and Jamie slowly pointed to a woman sitting with her back towards them. Sherman walked over to the woman and placed his hand on her shoulder slowly. She turned her head and looked at Sherman. He was speechless. He would recognize those eyes anywhere. It was Amy, her hair was darker and she was a few pounds heavier, but it was Amy. Sherman explained who he was and asked the woman to come outside with him and they left immediately.

Jamie curiously waited for Sherman to come back into the diner or contact her letting her know what happened. She would feel horrible if she turned in a woman that was not Amy. She wanted Sherman to call or reach out, but a week went by and she heard nothing. Until one day she was watching the TV during her shift and a breaking news report came on. “Amy Smith found alive!” As Jamie’s jaw began to drop she felt someone grab her arm, it was Detective Sherman who asked Jamie to step outside.

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5 responses to “Creative Writing Piece

  1. Fantastic ending. As I read the story and realized that the detective had found Amy, I was trying to connect it back to the beginning, when the detective grabbed Jamie. Then, you connected it at the end. When I read that last paragraph, I felt as shocked as Jamie probably did.


  2. I really liked you approach. I think it is interesting that you used the prompt to talk about the past when most people decided to tell and story happening in the present.


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