My Personal Monster

The nation is controlled by wired monsters. These creatures are not foreign. They are not aliens or something from a succubus, they are products of humankind. We birthed these monsters for our own selfish gain. The first species was extremely primitive and clumsy, as the monsters stumbled through the learning process. They became our slaves for calculation, our “number crunchers”. They assisted us in achieving some of our wildest dreams as a species: traveling to new worlds, curing destructive diseases, and predicting the future. At first they were shy and strictly task-focused, but over time they became more social and began to connect with one another. This started a new trend: everyone needed their own personal monster. The first personal monsters were domesticated, chained by wires  at home while their masters went along with their daily activities. Soon this was not enough contact, as people began to miss their monsters when they were not at home. The species evolved and become smaller and more portable, to the point that everyone could have their little monster with them at all times! It was a dream come true… until the tables turned.

As we became more close with our little monsters, our love for them grew stronger and stronger. We no longer enjoyed these creatures, we NEEDED these creatures. Life evolved around them. Our social lives changed from talking to people about the monsters to communicating with others THROUGH the monsters. We’re reaching the point where we no longer directly socialize with anything besides our monster, and there is a need for a solution. These wired monsters are now free, and we have become the ones that are wired down. As their species grows they are reaching their ultimate goal: they are going to become a part of us. Why carry around your monster when you can integrate your monster into your body? Once that has happened… what is next?


What do you guys think?


2 responses to “My Personal Monster

  1. This is fascinating and definitely strikes a chord with today’s self-obsessed society. With technology increasing at incredible rates, are we really that far from these self-serving monsters (or robots)? Are we doomed to an iRobot-like future?


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