America’s Most Wanted: Emily C

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…

“Emily, I’ve been watching you for an hour now. I know who you are please remain calm and walk with me as if you are showing me the way to the restroom. This is urgent. Your family is in trouble.”

Emily, the waitress, turned white. She didn’t know how to react. She took a deep swallow and trusted the words that came out of my mouth so confidently as my heart frantically beat inside my chest. I give her a reassuring smile and watched the color come back into her face. She turns and nods her head as if pointing for me to follow. I do. I glimpse behind my left shoulder and make eye contact with Vince. He gives me the right eye wink, knowing that everything is set and ready. My hands start shaking but my feet march on with confidence.

We near the end of the restaurant and I instruct Emily to take a right out of the building. I turn my head right just before exiting to see Vince approaching the two of us. My team’s cop car is parked four spaces away and I hear them start the car. Emily whips around and whispers sharply in my ear “you better not be trying something with me. You wouldn’t if you really knew who I was…” I can’t help but to smile as I watch the cop car back up slowly toward her back, she hadn’t noticed it. Vince opens the door of the restaurant and points his gun in Emily’s direction. “EMILY C YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT…” And on went the Miranda Rights.

Vince and I both flashed our police badges and watched Emily’s face turn white, once again. She tries to sprint away but the team from the cop car secures her in her spot and handcuffs her immediately.

“Job well done, team” our boss says. My heart is beating fast with adrenaline and happiness. We had just caught America’s most wanted criminal, Emily C.


4 responses to “America’s Most Wanted: Emily C

  1. This is a fine piece of writing. Sounds like the main character is intelligent, sly and quite cool. I’m looking forward to read about her escape from prison.

    (Also, I think I’d prefer my last name removed from this post…jobs and stuff ya know?)


  2. Your story makes me so curious I wonder what made Emily America’s most wanted, I can imagine it was something really really bad 🙂 Well written story I liked the suspense.


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