Detective Williams

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said, “actually, can I get that coffee with one sugar instead of two?”

“Sure, hun, I’ll be right out with that,” she said while walking behind the counter to place the order.  Detective Williams started off his day in the same coffee shop, in the same seat, and ordering the same thing every breakfast. For Williams even that one sugar change was a big deal. He never broke his routine if he could help it. Before the waitress could even place his order though, the cell phone attached to his belt started ringing.

“Detective Martin Williams speaking.”

“Williams, it’s Porter. Get over to 19 Sugarhill pronto. We’ve got what looks like murder-suicide. From what Simmons told me it’s not pretty.”

“Alrighty Chief, I’m on my way.” Williams never let on to the chief how much he disliked the mornings. It wasn’t his way to complain. His pops had always told him that whining never got you anywhere in life and ever since he was boy he just took commands as they came. He groaned as he got up, supporting himself on the freshly wiped metal breakfast bar. “Looks like I’ve gotta run. Forget the sandwich, I’ll take that coffee to go.”

He got into his unmarked black, mercury sedan and started and started the engine. Ten Minutes later Williams was being briefed by Officer Simmons the responding officer on scene.

“Two dead, husband and wife. Seems pretty straightforward. The neighbors say he lost his job last week and there had been a lot of yelling and screaming heard from their house since. The 15-year old son found em this morning. He seems pretty shooken up. Hasn’t spoken a word to anyone besides making the dispatchers.”

Williams entered the house and made his way to the kitchen where the bodies were. As he entered he was hit by a wall of what smelled like rotting fresh. He stepped out, regained himself, took a deep breath of fresh air and re-entered the room.

The husband was lying a few feet away from a pistol covered in blood. He was shot in the head and the wife through the neck. As Williams approached the body he noticed signs that they had been dead more than a few hours – days even.

“Somethings not normal here…” Williams muttered to himself. he walked back outside to the front yard. “Simmons, when did the kid say he found em?”

“Told the dispatchers he woke up to the gunshots this morning and found em lying there. Couldn’t have been more than an hour ago.”

“Looks like someone’s trying to hide something. It’s time to find out what.”




4 responses to “Detective Williams

  1. I like that you didn’t make the story about the detective and the waitress. I think that was the most logical thing for most people to do since those are the only two characters introduced in the brief prompt, but you went in a totally new direction.


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