A Crazy Family

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said, “I need to ask you a few questions, please come with me.” The detective and Sara, the waitress, then took a seat at one of the tables in the restaurant. She was interrogated for ten minutes before finally giving the detective the clue he was looking for. Six days prior there was a murder committed in the back parking lot of the restaurant and Sara was the only one who knew anything about it. She told the detective, “He was a tall, heavy man. He got out of a black Mercedes wearing a ski mask and quickly approached Steven (the man who was killed) by the dumpster. Without Steven even noticing, the man came from behind and shot him. Steven dropped to the ground and the man sped away in the Mercedes.”

Steven was a quiet employee of the restaurant who never missed a shift. He came in day after day and did everything he was asked to do; no one saw him as a target. However, what the restaurant did not know was that Steven and a few of his relatives were constantly robbing stores in the nearby area without anyone being able to identify who it was. Seven stores have been successfully robbed throughout the past year, none of which knew they were even robbed until days later. Although no one knew who was robbing these stores, someone had to since they targeted Steven. But who?

The detective had Steven’s relatives in custody, but they too had no idea who could have committed the murder. They were forced to give up the names of the places they stole from and the detective visited each and every place, but to no avail. Everyone was obviously furious about the robbery, but none of them were murderers. So, the detective continued to look for clues as to who it could have been. He had previously checked the relatives home, but decided to go back to look for more clues. The detective could not find anything until he took an awkward step going up to the second floor. The step seemed to make an interesting noise and he quickly investigated. He ended up finding a trap door and discovered a handgun wrapped in a towel. The gun uses the exact same bullets as the bullet found at the crime scene. He went back downtown and questioned all of Steven’s relatives as to why the murder weapon was in their house. After lots of interrogation, the detective was able to discover that they conspired against their cousin Steven. They found out Steven was stealing money from them as well and could not have him ruining the theft ring they had going on. What a messed up family!


2 responses to “A Crazy Family

    • I agree with Spencer, your story makes me thankful to have a stable family! Stories like these are always on the news, its terrible to hear about families going after one another!


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