Project Elizabeth

The detective saw his opportunity.  He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said, “Can you direct me to the bathroom?”.  The waitress told him to follow him as she lead him towards the back of the restaurant where that restrooms were located.  As they started to walk around the corner the detective covered her mouth and pushed her against the wall.  “Go out the back door and meet me in the parking lot”, he whispered and he flashed his badge at her.  He then turned around and walked out of the restaurant.

Frazzled, the waitress caught her breath and then walked out the back door and into the parking lot. “Get in”, she hears.  It was the detective parking in a black SUV in the parking lot.  The waitress quickly runs around the car and gets into the passenger seat. As soon as she sits down she collapse into her hands, “They found me, haven’t they?” she says.  “Yes, they have, but I found you first so you will be fine” the detective replies.

The waitress starts to sob. “I don’t want to move again” she says through her tears, “How did they find me? How did you know?” The detective begins to explain.  “Well, I had a man working undercover with your ex-husband.  He has been undercover for the last 6 months.  During his time, he kept hearing them planning a missions which they called ‘Project Elizabeth’.  He kept reporting this to me and we never thought the name was anything more than a code name for their plan.  But as time progressed they kept talking about ‘her” and saying things like ‘when we find her’, which is when I started to put together that maybe Elizabeth is a actual person. Elizabeth is you.” The waitress looked up, she barely even recognized her own name because it had been so long since someone referred to her as that, instead of her new name Clare, given to her by the witness protection program.  “Wow I haven’t heard someone call me by that name is 4 years” Elizabeth said.  The detective continued, “Of course, because of the witness protection program there was no recorded of you in any of his files, so it took me quite some time to track you down, but I knew that if they were coming for you I needed to move you away as fast as I could.  They sounded like they knew where to find you.”

“Thank you so much! But, where are you taking me?” Elizabeth questioned.  The detective looked over at her, “We are in a car, tell me where you would like to go.”




6 responses to “Project Elizabeth

  1. The ending you chose to use makes your piece very interesting. I like how it is up to the reader’s interpretation as to where Elizabeth will plan to move to. Great writing!


  2. I agree with Julia. You wrote a nice story, but allowed the reader to decide the ending. You set a solid background as well, detailing the woman’s experience in the witness protection program and her fear of her past.


  3. I like the ending and the ‘open-endedness’ of the story. It allows the reading to come up with their own ending which I think is an interesting approach.


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