Blog 12: Let’s Save the World in 60-seconds

 You have sixty seconds to pitch your best idea, invention, policy, and so on.  Try to think outside the block and be creative.  It can be an invention, a policy or law change, a behavioral change, and so on.

The inspiration for this blog comes from BBC. Check it out here.

We thought it would be interesting to see everyone’s filmmaking capabilities. Let out your inner Spielberg. Or let out your inner M. Night Shyamalan and start out really strong but disappoint us heavily in the end.  Take advantage of free software like Mixbit or iMovie. I think youtube even has its own video editing software now…

What to post:

As per the BC’s instructions, make a 60 second video and post it here.  The maximum file size is one gb.  So, we think you will upload your pitch to YouTube or Vimeo.  Make sure your video streams to our blog and it not just  a link.


There will be a small prize for the winning idea as determined by the post’s impact (votes and views).  Jordi has the final tie-breaking authority.

Encourage others to see your idea!  Facebook!  Twitter!  Whatever it takes!


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