Changing the World

This is my video! Enjoy!


9 responses to “Changing the World

  1. Teleportation has some amazing prospects, but also some scary possibilities. Will everyone be able to travel wherever they want at any time?


  2. I’ve thought to myself a million different times about how much I wish I could teleport. Not sure if you’re into Harry Potter, but reading those books made me think about the different ways one could hypothetically teleport. Are you picturing it like apparition (where the person has the capacity to teleport himself), or more like the Floo Network (where the person has to use designated portals to teleport)?

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  3. I was picturing apparition, but I do agree with Spencer in that there will also be some very scary possibilities coming from teleportation. However, isn’t this the case with all technological advancements these days?

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  4. I think your idea is very creating! Whenever I am walking home from the library in the cold weather I think about how convenient teleportation would be! Talk about a time saver. I do however think there would have to be some limitations to it.


  5. Teleporting from place to place would be extremely convenient. It would allow for people to go places they never would have imagined going. I do agree with others that it would be scary though!


  6. thought this was a cool, out of the box idea. Very creative, and if this were possible it could really cut down on the amount of population in the world that is generated from traveling.


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