Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective: 

My idea is by no means earth shattering, ground breaking, Oh.Em.Gee worthy – heck I’m sure it already exists – but it has the potential to serve as a model for any business.

(For the record: my close number two is recreating Hermione Granger’s time turner but I wanted to be a little more realistic).


–A homeless man in London that gave me a children’s book the day after I bought him lunch, showing that those who have the least often give the most

(The tagline – “Cups of Change”- has a duel meaning and is a ‘shout out’ to him since he panhandled with an decorated cup)

–The Humans of New York blog, restoring faith in humanity on a daily basis and reminding readers that everyone has a story

–A cocoa co-op in the Dominican Republic, proving that everyone just wants to take pride in and feel fulfilled by their work


More Information: 

Coffee Collective PDF


5 responses to “Coffee Collective

  1. I visited a pizza shop in Denver that is owned by a homeless coalition and which employs transitioning-to-homeless people to help bridge to work. Has been running for about five years, I think? They purchased a franchise (Pizza Fusion) which has a social mission baked in.

    I kept the card of the manager to talk to her more. I’ll share it.


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