The Eternal Documentary

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7 responses to “The Eternal Documentary

  1. I am very conflicted towards this idea. On the one hand, in terms of keeping memories for the elderly, I think it is beautiful and amazing to be able to recite the greatest moments of your entire life. On the other side I think that everyone has things they would not want recorded, and if somehow your privacy was compromised people’s reputations could be ruined


    • I definitely understand the potential pitfalls and concerns. I think giving each individual sole power over their “memory” is key, because then it is their sole authority to choose which particular memories to relive and which ones would be too painful or unpleasant. It would also then be in their power to share their video memories with people of their choice, and to do so at their own risk. It definitely has the potential to go the “sexting leak scandal” route, but I think the value for dementia patients, eyewitness reporting, and general nostalgia (especially for those who otherwise might not otherwise have access to home videos or photos) would hopefully outweigh it.


  2. I think this is a very interesting idea especially with what is going on with the Michael Brown shooting in Furgeson. Having an internal video camera would completely solve this conflict. On the other hand I am not sure if I would want to have access to every single memory. There are some things in the past that I would simply want to forget.


    • The Michael Brown shooting was a major source of inspiration for me for this idea. It could finally provide clarity in eyewitness testimonies that are so often unreliable and therefore enhance justice in our society.


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