Permits for Pregnancy

Here’s my plan to reduce the world’s population and create better living situations for the children already here.



8 responses to “Permits for Pregnancy

  1. This is an interesting way to conserve resources. I also think that having the potential to weed out abusive parents is a big plus.


  2. Cool idea to solve the overpopulation problem. Definitely has its benefits, like weeding out unfit parents, but what about women who get pregnant by accident? Would they be forced to get an abortion?


  3. I thought this was very interesting. We are so busy trying to find ways to adapt to the rising population that we have not looked for a solution to slow this growth


  4. You want to entrust governments that can’t govern well (in rich or poor countries) the power to decide who gets to have children? and, How would you enforce it? Sterilization?

    I’m sure you mean well, but the implementation scares me?


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