Business Proposal

For my white paper I plan to focus on the necessity of transparency and accountability in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits should be doing things like publishing annual reports and implementing safeguards against fraud.

I became interested in this topic after writing paper 2 about IKEA’s questionable tax structure that seems to be elaborately planned to pay minimal taxes. I think that transparency and accountability are extremely important in all organizations, but they are particularly important within the nonprofit sector because first, they deal primarily with donations, second, they reap many benefits that for-profit businesses are not privy to, and third, they are an important part of our society and have a responsibility to those that they serve. After identifying my society resource, I feel even more strongly that annual reports are of the utmost importance. They not only allow organizations to showcase all of their accomplishments, but also instill confidence in current and future donors.

The resource I’ve chose for this section is an exemplary example of an annual report produced by Kiva. I chose this one because it not only is a good example, but it a firm that we are all familiar with. The annual report is accessible to those without background in finance and also links to more information for those that are interested. It also is easy to navigate and showcases Kiva’s accomplishments with great info graphics.

This source relates to my idea because it is a great example of an annual report. Nonprofit organizations are not required to release that information so it is great to see them being transparent and proactive. I think that this source supports my idea and will contribute to my larger goal because it shows that it is possible and positive to be transparent.

I think this information is reliable because it is unethical and illegal to produce incorrect information and statistics. I think that since it is produced by Kiva it is obviously biased towards making them look good and might not showcase areas of concern or identify opportunities for improvements. I think that organizations should include this information too because perhaps it will attract solutions to their problems. I think it would be a noble thing to do.




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