Business Proposal

For my white paper I plan on examining the policy area of waste management. I am very interested in this topic because it is something that involves everyone on Earth (both directly and indirectly) and is an industry that directly affects the fields of business, politics, and society simultaneously.

My interest in this topic has risen from my long-time interest in recycling and sustainability. I have always considered myself an environmentally-concious person and think that sustainability is something that will be crucial in the future of business. I also have taken multiple classes from high school to college on environmental science to give me further knowledge of the topic. My current view on the topic of waste management is that it is an essential field for society to operate, but I wonder what the duty of the field is. Is it to keep the environment clean, to make money, or to maximize utility of materials? In addition I want to study how each stakeholder (business, government, and society) is responsible in the process of waste production/management.

The resources that I have chosen for the business section are Waste Management, Inc.’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report from 2013. I used this resources to represent the business section because Waste Management, Inc. is the largest private waste management company in North America, and also is considered one of the most ethical and environmentally-concious. These reports reveal valuable information about the business aspect of waste management because they provide numbers for Waste Managements actions as well as descriptions about their business activities and values.

This information is extremely reliable because it came straight from the source, Waste Management, Inc. itself. As described in the company’s Code of Conduct, Waste Management prides itself on operating within all legal guidelines and keeping all information about their financials and business practices transparent to the public. As a publicly-traded company Waste Management also has additional reporting rules that they must follow which help certify the legitimacy of their reports as honest and trusted information.


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