In my white paper I am examining the policies behind pre-employment drug screening. I could not find any companies pre-employment drug screening policy and it was very difficult to find even public corporations employee drug policy but I did locate Johnson and Johnson’s. 

I was really impressed by their drug policy. It focused on preventing drugs in the physical workplace and did not mention anything of what happens in employees personal lives. The only three instances of employee drug screen are immediately after a serious accident, if there is probable cause that an employee is using prohibited substances while at work, and possession of illegal substances. These all seem like reasonable times to drug test an employee as there is no justification for using illegal substances in the work place.

This source is another one that I found which is completely fact. It is a corporate policy. I think this supports non-invasive employment drug testing as Johnson and Johnson are very particular about when they have the right to test. I’m not sure how this relates specifically to my topic of pre-employment drug testing but it is encouraging to see a company not concerned about what employees do in their personal lives so long as it doesn’t interfere with their performance at the workplace.


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